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7 Do’s and Don’ts for Homeowners’ & Condo Association Dues Collections

Dec 20, 2021

Acting as a homeowners’ or condo association board member often involves making demands of your neighbors. When those demands take the form of unpaid association dues collections, you need to be careful. Make certain your HOA or COA is following the law for collections by following these do’s and don’ts:

Construction Liens: What General Contractors Need to Know to Get Paid

Nov 29, 2021

Running a commercial construction company involves big risks. General contractors often put forward substantial resources in materials and labor, trusting their customers to honor their real estate improvement contracts. When they don’t, you may need to fall back on construction liens to get paid. But collecting construction costs through the Michigan Construction Lien Act depends on having the right paperwork in place, even before you start the project.

Michigan’s Right to Farm Act: Is Your Family Farm Protected?

Nov 15, 2021

Michigan has a long history of family farms and closely held agricultural businesses. However, depending on where that farm is located, Michigan’s Right to Farm Act may or may not protect you from local ordinances limiting how you do business. Here’s what you should know about the limits on agricultural uses of urban and suburban land.


Nov 6, 2020

MICHIGAN ZONING ENABLING ACT Act 110 of 2006 AN ACT to codify the laws regarding local units of government regulating the development and use of land; to provide for the adoption of zoning ordinances; to provide for the establishment in counties, townships, cities, and villages of zoning districts; to prescribe the powers and duties of certain officials; to provide for the assessment and collection of fees; to authorize the issuance of bonds and notes; to prescribe penalties and provide remedies; … Read more

Michigan Summer Resort Owners Act

Oct 19, 2020

INCORPORATION OF SUMMER RESORT OWNERS Act 137 of 1929   AN ACT to authorize the formation of corporations by summer resort owners; to authorize the purchase, improvement, sale, and lease of lands; to authorize the exercise of certain police powers over the lands owned by said corporation and within its jurisdiction; to impose certain duties on the department of commerce; and to provide penalties for the violation of by – laws established under police powers. History: 1929, Act 137, Eff. … Read more


Oct 19, 2020

NONPROFIT CORPORATION ACT Act 162 of 1982 AN ACT to revise, consolidate, and classify the laws relating to the organization and regulation of certain nonprofit corporations; to prescribe their duties, rights, powers, immunities, and liabilities; to provide for the authorization of foreign nonprofit corporations within this state; to impose certain duties on certain state departments; to prescribe fees; to prescribe penalties for violations of this act; and to repeal certain acts and parts of acts. History: 1982, Act 162, Eff. … Read more

Michigan Land Division Act

Oct 14, 2020

LAND DIVISION ACT Act 288 of 1967 AN ACT to regulate the division of land; to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare; to further the orderly layout and use of land; to require that the land be suitable for building sites and public improvements and that there be adequate drainage of the land; to provide for proper ingress and egress to lots and parcels; to promote proper surveying and monumenting of land subdivided and conveyed by accurate legal … Read more

Michigan Condominium Act Rules

Oct 14, 2020

DEPARTMENT OF LICENSING AND REGULATORYAFFAIRS DIRECTOR’S OFFICECONDOMINIUMS MICHIGAN CONDOMINIUM ACT RULES (By authority conferred on the department of licensing and regulatory affairs by section 142 of 1978 PA 59, MCL 559.242, and Executive Reorganization Order Nos. 1996-2, 2003-1, 2008-4 and 2011-4, MCL 445.2001, 445.2011, 445.2025 and 445.2030) PART 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS R 559.101 Definitions. Rule 101. (1) As used in the act and these rules: “A 100-year flood” means a flood which has a 1% chance of occurring or being … Read more

Commercial Real Estate Broker’s Lien Act

Oct 8, 2020

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE BROKER’S LIEN ACTAct 201 of 2010 AN ACT to create a lien against real property for unpaid commercial real estate broker’s commissions and services; and to provide remedies. History: 2010, Act 201, Imd. Eff. Oct. 5, 2010. The People of the State of Michigan enact: 570.581 Short title. Sec. 1. This act shall be known and may be cited as the “commercial real estate broker’s lien act”. History: 2010, Act 201, Imd. Eff. Oct. 5, 2010. 570.582 … Read more

Great Lakes Submerged Land Act

Oct 8, 2020

NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ACT (EXCERPT)Act 451 of 1994 PART 325 GREAT LAKES SUBMERGED LANDS (Great Lakes Submerged Land Act) 324.32501 Additional definitions. Sec. 32501. As used in this part: “Department” means the department of environmental “Director” means the director of the “Marina purposes” means an operation making use of submerged bottomlands or filled-in bottomlands of the Great Lakes for the purpose of service to boat owners or operators, which operation may restrict or prevent the free public use … Read more

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