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Real Estate Law Practice Areas

Handling real estate legal matters can be overwhelming. From dealing with land zoning and planning, disputes, commercial leasing and more, our legal team at Lachman King PLC is ready to serve you with all of your real estate needs so you do not have to do it alone. We can assist you with everything in real estate law and legal concerns like, drawing up land contracts, supporting you with easements resourcefully, reviewing trusts and deeds and more. Our team of talented attorneys is here to address all of your legal issues and strive in helping you settle your real estate transactions fairly.

Real Estate Law + Litigation

Represent clients in a variety of real estate subjects such as boundary + title disputes, trust and probate disputes, partition actions, commercial leasing, zoning, and land use planning.

Lake Access Disputes

If you own or plan to purchase property near Lake Michigan, or any other body of water, we can help you better understand your property rights and address your concerns, like neighboring property owners accessing water on your property without your permission, land divisions, and more.

Family Cottages

We specialize in working with clients who own family cottages so they can maximize their value without the tax burden. Our goal for you is to “keep the cottage in the family” without the hit in taxes through uncapping.

Lake MI Property

A unique offering, that can often turn complex for property owners; we aid clients in understanding their rights and assets when owning property on or adjacent to Lake Michigan shore. Especially as erosion has caused serious issues and concerns for many home and property owners.

Construction Law + Litigation

Zealously advocate for our clients in a wide variety of commercial real estate, construction law litigation, and real estate litigation matters.

Agricultural Real Estate

Serve as counsel for all sizes and types of farm and agricultural organizations in Michigan.

Partition Litigation

Draft and write partitions for clients in order to enforce the division of estate and its proportions.

Home + Condo Association Law

Partner with condominium associations in a variety of matters such as amending master deeds, bylaw enforcement, and collections

Boundary Line + Easement Litigation

Determine what valid easements exist on your property or any other easements issues related to your property, we can represent you.

Commercial Leasing + Lease Litigation

We represent buyers, sellers, builders, commercial real estate agents and more in order to protect clients with their land/leasing contracts, financing, sale + purchase agreements, and financing.

Zoning + Land Use Planning

Support clients with ordinances and land planning + divisions, including drafting enforcements, adoptions, and municipal agreements.

Trust + Probate Disputes

Guide clients in creating and securing property trusts so both the trustee and designated beneficiary can achieve rightfully owned assets.

Riparian + Littoral Rights

We assist clients with their beach rights, boundary line rights, lakefront properties, disputes over boat docks, access to boat docks, issues related to easement rights for beach use, and access to beaches.

Short Term Rentals

With the advent of online rentals and the love of inland lake properties in MI, short term rental disputes are more common. We can help associations address the issue in a proactive manner. We can advise property owners and associations to their rights, opportunities, and remedies.

Restrictive Covenants

We can help clients enforce restrictive covenants that can impact the size or footprint of a new home being built, tree coverage or rental short term restrictions. 

Quiet Title

We can help when a client has a problem or error on the title to their property, causing them to not be able to properly transfer or sell the title.

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